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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friendship ~

Hii , i'm here want to talk about  FRIENDSHIP like this ,

You see this file, it looks as their friendship was very close friends, I like how it looks like this friendship. I hope I also have a friendship like this.Usually if a close friendship, they always do work together. When it arrived the day of birth together of them, they will be greeted with a very lively one. Like they say, The day is only once if you forget, will be sorry ..
 Observing the terms of friendships, intimate relationships. They would sleep together. But one thing that most scared by a close friend is, what if they had love or couple, could it be a man they would share each other? Because since childhood they like to share the goods, and they want to buy the same shape and color. But now when one of them has a pair, would they still share? Maybe they will fight each other. maybe they will be cutting back a friend who is, or they will break friendly relations between them or they will release him?
soo just so far I can only story. So you hope yer fun?

 Soo I mls la nanak tulis panjang-2 soo bye-2..

Most Love The Picture Like This ~!!

 ~I lebih suka gmbr cm yg bdk kechik duk KISS nyh .~~
nampk elygen and romantic aje .. sweet tao !
  Lagi pon mybe dy munyer photoghraper msty yg t'baek llhaa !
Ade frames  pulaks , lgy sweet .. 
Dy munye placces pon cute gak  ,! .
 I nk cite nape i suke photo cm nyh !
Their , cloths , so , so cute . It;s little cutetty .!!
The KiSSeS Ph0thOghRaphY :))
yg ny , kalau yg colouring munyer , dy 6pak  ~EverGreen~ jhea ..
shejuk mata tenok ! an an ! whahaha .!
Daaa la , mls lagyy nanak type ~! TaTa ! ;))
GuD Nite ye all BaBY ~!!!

~having a sweet dream yeah`~ 
THx For tha readiing ya Honey ~~